Woven Braids

Continue your journey into 18th century Passementerie with this course on making woven braids. This content is also available in the complete passementerie course.

This class focuses on weaving narrow braids on an inkle loom to create additional trim options. Add fringe, picots, and more to create the perfect trim to embellish your gown.

In this class...

You will learn how to weave narrow warp-faced braids, with or withiut additional elements. This is the most common style of passementerie trimming documented on late 18th century gowns.

This class assumes you already know the basics of making knotted fringes, or "fly fringe," from the Basics class or in-person classes. Those topics are not covered again in this class.

You'll learn how to set up an inkle loom and weave basic styles of braids. Lessons include 4 different styles of braids based on extant examples, as well as detailed photos of similar trims on extant gowns. Narrow braids can be used on their own or in combination with a secondary braid or puffed trim. The most common style of narrow braid used for picots is included in the lessons. You'll also learn how to add a variety of picots, gimp, and additional elements to create your own unique trims.

As part of this class, you have ongoing access to the instructor through the comments section of the class as well as a private Facebook group. For those that need even more support and/or accountability, you can sign up for monthly "Office Hours" via Patreon. Whether you work best solo or with the additional support of peers and monthly live calls, there is an option for you!

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